Jake Saunders

Jake Saunders

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A statement regarding my art

Through the use of publicly known and pre-established narratives, my works use symbols, references and visual tropes as a veil or place setting for personal experiences. My use of these stories provides a visual language of symbolic and allegorical tools which I utilize in a bifold effort to express deeply idiosyncratic ideas and events while speaking to universal aspects of our condition.

A vast array of artists throughout history have used self images as acts of strategic and symbolic significance. Caravaggio frequently portrayed himself in images such as the dismembered head of Goliath, Medusa or Saint John the Baptist while leading an extremely self destructive and violent life. In the same fashion I utilize my self image and the images of friends and loved ones strategically. I utilize actor/models in my works to tell a story within the confines of another story through parallels.

Using a known and true life narrative to ends outside its own confines, I comment upon the narrative itself, its subject or its origin. I often use a story against itself to criticize, bring to light or subvert aspects of the narrative’s relevancy and/or utility.



2009 MFA- Studio Art, University of Connecticut
2007 MA- Printmaking, Ball State University
2006 BFA- Printmaking, Ball State University​


2016- Spudnik Press Residency Program

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

Dave and Sarojini Johnson Legacy Exhibition, Gordy Fine Art, Muncie, IN
SOLO SHOW- I Will Love You Forever/Eva and Hans Rausing 4/1/12-7/10/12, Spudnik Press Chicago, IL

Homecoming, Spudnik Press, Chicago, IL
Import/Export, Jennifer Ford Art, Fort Wayne, IN
Import/Export, Wunderkammer Company, Fort Wayne, IN

SOLO SHOW- Luke 12:51, Blue House Gallery, Columbus, OH

ASTROVOID Premier, Auxiliary Art Center, Chicago, IL
Surrounded Salon, Roman Susan, Chicago, IL
EX3, Wunderkammer Company, Fort Wayne, IN


​Beverly Arts Center's 36th Annual Juried Art Show, Chicago, IL (Juried by Larry Lee and Bernard Williams)
EX2, Carousel Space Project, Chicago, IL (Robin Kang- curator)
EX, International Arts Movement, New York City, NY (Bonnie Mancini- curator)

7th Annual Self-Portrait Exhibition, Zhou B Arts Center, Chicago, IL
Murder Ballad 13: G(M)enocide, Artlink, Fort Wayne, IN
31st Annual National Print Exhibition, Artlink, Fort Wayne, IN
8th Annual Regional Exibition, Artlink, Fort Wayne, IN
Solo Exhibition- Murder Ballad 14: Stagga and Billy Variations, Dash-In, Fort Wayne, IN
Wish You Were Here 9, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Solo Exhibition- Murder Ballad 12: Angel Dust and Avalon, The Church of Awesome, Fort Wayne, IN
Prolific Impressions: Printmaking Now, Climate/Gallery, Long Island City, NY

Apperceptions, SOHO 20 Chelsea, New York City, NY
Ofcom Exhibition 2009, London College of Communication, London, UK
Coast to Coast, DakshinaChitra, Chennai, India
Serial Fiction, Golden Street Gallery, New London, CT
Arches Student Print Show 2009, Boston University 808 Gallery, Boston, MA
Apperceptions, Benton Museum of Art, Storrs, CT
The Sketchbook Project, Art House Gallery, Atlanta, GA, Museum of Contemporary Art DC, Washington, DC, Chris’s Jazz Café, Philadelphia, PA, Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA, Antenna Gallery, Chicago, IL, Soulard Art Market, Saint Louis, MO, Museum of Design Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, Chicago Art Source Gallery, Chicago, IL

Interprint 2008, Street Gallery and Atrium Gallery, University of the Arts, London, UK
Coast to Coast, Ruchika’s Art Gallery, Panjim, Goa, India

Solo Exhibition- Damn Dirty Apes, Atrium Gallery, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
Spring MA Exhibition, Atrium Gallery, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

National Print Exhibition, Artlink Inc., Fort Wayne, IN
Solo Exhibition- Six Foot Saints, Atrium Gallery, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
Solo Exhibition- Six Foot Saints, Grace Episcopal Church, Muncie, IN
Six Printmakers, Rose Court, Muncie, IN
Pressed for Prints: Traditional and Giclee, Gordy’s Fine Art, Muncie, IN
Heart and Hands 2, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NB